Make Things Simple & Safe with a guided trip

Why would you want to pay for a guided trip when you visit Northumberland or the Scottish borders?

Active 4 Seasons have been operating in North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders since 1999 and therefore know and understand the area well. After discussing clients needs Active 4 Seasons are well placed to select a suitable trip/location to allow you to achieve your aims. This might be to see the fantastic coastal birds by specialist sea kayak or a relaxed open canoe trip down the fantastic River Tweed. Whatever your needs we will strive to achieve this for you.

A sea kayaker
Sea kayaking

Many of the venues we use in Northumberland are on private land and we have developed a good working relationship with many of the land owners. This allows us to have access to the best locations and gives us a wider choice of venues to achieve our aim of delivering a high quality and safe experience for those coming out with us.

open canoeing
open canoe guided trip

Potential venues

We sea kayak to and around the Farne Islands to visit the amazing birds that nest there in the summer, Guillimots, Razor bills, Puffins, Shags, Black headed guls, Herring guls, Artic and Common Tern, Eider and Cormorant (up to 200,000  birds!). We also get the pleasure of paddling near the huge Grey Seal colony that make the Farnes their home (up to 4,000). Another fabulous and exciting sea kayak venue is St Abbs head Рincredible cliffs, again full of sea birds nesting in the summer months (in the last few years the Northern Gannet has chosen to nest there in ever increasing numbers). We sometimes paddle across the border to Scotland from Berwick upon Tweed taking in a private beach that is often left for just us as access by foot is very difficult РI have seen deer on the beach before!

Open canoe trips can be taken all along the amazing River Tweed although we normally use the Lower Tweed anywhere between Kelso and Berwick. Finishing a trip under the bridges of Berwick is quite a thing. We also have some great tributaries of the Tweed, the Till, Teviot and Whitadder.

Rock Climbing is fantastic here in North Northumberland with some of the best sandstone crags in Britain on our doorstep.