Our work with the Media

A couple of years ago we had the pleasure of working with the chirpy and lovely Helen Skelton. What a great pleasure it was to train her up in a sea kayak for a spot of filming off Holy Island where she was working on the Vikings!

Helen Skelton

Did you enjoy More Tales From Northumberland with Robson Green.

‘More Tales from Northumberland’s’ star Robson Green. This you tube video shows us helpingĀ  achieve his swim to Holy Island back in 2009!

I have also coached and helped Mike Dilger present a bit about the Guillimots jumping from one of my sea kayaks, on the One Show (2013)

and I was also fortunate to take Adam Henson (farmer/presenter) from Country file, sea kayaking around the amazing Farne Island (2012) to see the seals.

Printed media

I have written a few articles over the years but here is my most recent published in Paddler Ezine in Jan 2018:

Rock-hopping by Ollie Jay