Sea Kayaking

Monthly Sea Kayak Gang Trips starting May 23rd 2021

Great play area during SKG 10 2020

We run a monthly trip for people looking to improve their planning and trip running skills, these are guided trips rather than coaching sessions so if you are looking to improve your personal paddling then coaching may be more suitable. Many of our past clients now take out their friends and family etc. having developed their own skills with us.

This year we are going to aim at moving water skills mostly trying to get the best of the Farnes tide races. This is a unique place on the East coast. We have more Islands than the rest of the English East coast put together and although the tides of out East coast are not huge we can get quite interesting conditions off the Farne Islands especially if we have wind over tide! After each date you will see a predicted rating. Although this is just a guide it is likely that dates chosen will give intermediate conditions for all dates this year. Don’t let that put you off if you want to get out on the sea as a less experienced paddler but you might be better encouraging one or two other people joining you for a coaching session first.

The star system I have used below next to the dates indicate the predicted tidal flows at that time but obviously the weather, mostly the wind strength and direction determine the difficulty on the day!

Dates for 2021

SKG 5** – 23rd May, SKG 6** – 10th Jun, SKG 7* – 18th Jul*, SKG 8 – 15th Aug, SKG 9 -12th Sep, SKG 10 – 10th Oct, SKG 11 – 7th Nov, SKG 12 – 5th Dec


*  = Nearer to Neaps, ideal for people wanting to learn about self sufficient paddling

** = Between Neaps and spring tide – ideal for intermediate improvers looking to develop moving water or rock hopping skills

*** = Big Spring tides for paddlers aspiring to become advanced paddlers.

Please contact us if you are keen to join the gang or find out more about it. You can come out every month or once a year – no fee other than the day you come out. Price for 2021, £38 per person with their own kayak etc. or £45 if you need to hire a suitable kayak or want to try one of our Rm kayaks, we have quite a wide range.

Rock Hopping Article

Check out my rock hopping article article in PaddlerZine back in 2018 if you are interested in getting amongst the rocks safely. We have some great rock hopping locations to develop your skills.

Exiting a sea cave by sea kayak

Exiting a sea cave by sea kayak

Sea kayaking off the fantastic Northumberland and Scottish Borders coastline

Sea kayaking off the North Northumberland or Scottish Borders coast are great adventures that require expert knowledge and good equipment. Active 4 Seasons can provide both. Our kayaks are specially designed for journeying on the sea, we do not have ‘Sit on Top’ kayaks designed for sheltered water! Some kayak experience is recommended for guided trips, alternatively coaching can be provided based on your needs. We have a wide range of Specialist sea kayaks so if you are looking to buy your first kayak why not come and try some out – just ask and we can advise.

Surfing Alan's Reef
Surfing a sea kayak on Alan’s Reef

‘Made to measure’ adventures by sea kayak

The fantastic North Northumberland and Scottish Borders coastline offer a variety of locations ideal for beginner and intermediate kayakers. More experienced paddlers might want a trip to the Farne Islands. This area will whet the appetite of any budding ornithologist with sea birds in their thousands. In the winter months we have over 4,000 grey seals, 2400 were born during this winter! St. Abbs head offers a real challenge too!

If you are interested in getting into sea kayaking or developing your skills why not ask us to suggest some developmental coaching? We can run beginner and intermediate courses throughout the year. We also run bespoke courses for those wanting to work on a specific element of their skills – e.g. confidence in rough water (video link) , developing a safe rescue strategy etc. Just drop us a line to discuss your needs. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see any upcoming events.

Breaking through some small surf
Breaking through some small surf

No membership required but if interested you can sign up to receive an invite to suitable trips based on your experience and aims. These trips will be off or along the fantastic North Northumberland or Scottish Borders coastline and are ideal for individuals/ couples looking to develop their skills in an informal atmosphere with the support of a highly experienced (old school) BCU level 4 qualified coach to guide and look after you.


“As part of a lovely camping trip my husband and I had the treat of a day’s sea kayaking with Ollie.

Ollie clearly knows his stuff and the local area very well and easily set it up so that we would get the most of the day. The day was very helpfully split into two halves so that we could take turns with child care. Each session was well adapted to our respective abilities and interests.

I am a complete novice but I had no problems in getting going and in spite of an overcast morning. I had a truly special morning with porpoises, puffins and sights of magnificent jelly fish. My husband had a longer session and more of a sporty adventure along the coastline.

In fact this is the second time that my husband has been out with Ollie. First was a day out with mates and Ollie took them out for a superb kayaking adventure, miles along the coast to Dunstanburgh and some surf practice at Low Newton.

Ollie has great experience, competence and local knowledge and hence the adventures are fun, safe and well targeted.

What can we say, Ollie is the real deal!

Maria & David”

Hi Ollie

Thanks for a great trip yesterday, my first kayak outing to the Farnes was certainly a day to remember – excellent company both on and in the water!

Look forward to catching up again soon.