Family Adventure

Open Canoe Adventure just for you

A ‘Made to Measure Adventure’ is a big part of our business. Active 4 seasons love working with all sorts of family groups. We offer sessions from as little as a two hour static session on a very slow moving part of the lovely River Till, or we can provide multi day trips on the beautiful River Tweed, up to grade 3 water in open canoes or kayaks. We can do a half day intro to rock climbing on the local sandstone outcrops. Check out the relevant activity page for more ideas.

We are perfectly located for canoeing if you are staying in Berwick upon Tweed, Wooler, Coldstream, Eyemouth or Kelso or anywhere in the North Northumberland or East Scottish Borders area.

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family challenge
Family challenge – Open canoeing on the River Till

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Kayak or Canoe – we have a big range of kayaks and canoes if you want to learn how to paddle your own craft and more about the river? If you are thinking of buying your own bot why not come and do an intro session to see which craft suits you best? Just drop me an email with your ideas and I am sure I can help you get the best fit.

Active 4 Seasons ‘Family Challenge’

If you are up in North Northumberland why not take the Active 4 Seasons Family Challenge? Prices are shown here and under 16’s go half adult price.

We can also cater for an extended family ‘get together’ and have organised a challenge for a family of 24 with a climbing challenge in the morning with a canoe challenge in the afternoon. There were two teams and the age range was over 4 generations with granny and grandad in their 70’s and the youngest on the water was 5!


“Dear Ollie,

Very many thanks for your contribution to our Family Gathering last week. The boys had a great time at Eyemouth and Thursday was a resounding success. “The best birthday ever” said Mum.”