Group Adventures

Group adventures with Active 4 Seasons

Group adventures with your friends can be great fun for a reunion. North Northumberland is the perfect venue to go on a chilled out adventure. Have you and your mates ever fancied trying something different – why not plan an adventurous challenge with our help? This could just be for fun or maybe to raise some money for a charity? How about canoeing the length of the River Tweed (97 miles) over four days in the summer? If you want excitement the Autumn and Winter months offer more challenge due to potentially higher water levels!

Have you been asked to plan an adventure activity for your hen party? If so we have run loads of canoe trips and sea kayak trips for Hen parties.

Fancy something a bit more challenging – the Caledonian canal is a good test for people with a bit of paddling experience; the lochs can get quite chunky if there is any wind.

Double sea kayaks
A small group Sea kayaking in Beadnell Bay

If you are getting together with some friends and want some ideas we have had years of setting challenges for people. Please get in touch via email with the following details:

  • How many people
  • What activity you favour
  • An idea of budget

I can then put together a few suggestions for you to look at.

These adventures do not have to be in North Northumberland or the Scottish borders – we can quote for trip on the West coast of Scotland or abroad if you are interested? Ollie has paddled in various places around the World and is in contact with providers elsewhere and abroad if you want something a bit more out there.


Hi Ollie. Thanks for taking us out in the canoes this afternoon. We had a really great time and will be thoroughly recommending your services to friends.